Perl Links

perl->buzz Rakudo
The Effective Perler Purdue Perl Mongers
St.Louis Perl Mongers
Yes, I Still Use Perl
ActiveState Perl O'Reilly Perl
Strawberry Perl Perl Foundation
Perldoc The Perl Review
Larry Wall on Perl PerlMonks PerlSphere
use perl
Iron Man Perl Blogging Challenge
YAPC 1999 YAPC 19100
YAPC 2001 McGill YAPC 2002 Washington U.
YAPC 2004 Buffalo YAPC::NA 2010 Ohio State
YAPC::NA 2011 YAPC::NA 2012 Madison, WI
YAPC::NA 2013 Austin, TX Perl Mongers

Welcome to the Perl Renaissance!

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