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perl->buzz Rakudo Modern Perl
Buddy Burden Perl TV
Mojolicious Perl Dancer
Joel Berger/ Salt Lake Perl Mongers
The Effective Perler Purdue Perl Mongers
St.Louis Perl Mongers
Yes, I Still Use Perl
ActiveState Perl O'Reilly Perl
Strawberry Perl Perl Foundation
Perldoc The Perl Review
Larry Wall on Perl PerlMonks PerlSphere
use perl
Iron Man Perl Blogging Challenge YAPC::NA 2014 Live Stream
YAPC 1999 YAPC 19100
YAPC 2001 McGill YAPC 2002 Washington U.
YAPC 2004 Buffalo YAPC::NA 2010 Ohio State
YAPC::NA 2011 YAPC::NA 2012 Madison, WI
YAPC::NA 2013 Austin, TX YAPC::NA 2015 Salt Lake City
Perl Mongers

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